Our name is our way of working Рwe connect, conceptualize and construct. We are a people’s company. We connect with our clients to understand their thoughts and requirements. We spend and demand valuable time and pure energy into our discussions with Clients. With the knowledge, we design your concept first on paper and then construct your dream into reality in front of you. Our team invests their energy and time in your dream stand to make it our best project. We are our own competition as we aim to better our work with every project keeping Client happiness as our ultimate achievement.


We started building exhibitions stands in 2010. Since our first stand, client satisfaction has always been our motto. Our team has global presence and stand building experience not just within UAE, but also in India, Middle Eastern countries, China, across the European countries, and United Kingdom. C3 Exhibitions team has high professional standards in customer communication with prompt 24 / 7 availability both virtually and physically. Client expectation marks the start of our benchmark.


It is because of these ideologies that we have had the opportunity of working with clients from South Korea, UK, USA, China, Turkey, India, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Canada, Australia, Slovakia, Serbia, Germany to name a few countries.


Our strength is our core team and our production facilities which enable us to deliver our best.

Our Production Unit

Graphic Printing Unit